2013 Predictions for New Media Marketing & Tech

by Conrad Flynn on December 31, 2012

This is the day where each year, I make a series of bold predictions. Predictions which actually forecast something happening – or not happening. You can join in ALL YEAR and keep me honest! CALL ME OUT when I’m wrong – or when I’m right.

There are my 2013 predictions for new media marketing and technology:

1) Social Media Marketing Re-Birth

It’s not uncommon for new technology to become overhyped, fall into disfavor… but only to be reemerge stronger and more focused. In 2013 the CMO world will FALL OUT OF LOVE with the “social media marketing” hype only to revere social media for it’s true strengths later. This will be a case of Jekel and Hyde – you can watch it unfold in your favorite business/marketing magazines.

2) Foursquare gets sold

Foursquare reinvents itself AND gets sold in 2013. Check-ins and mayorships become a thing of the past and Foursquare is the champion of the refocusing of located-based social media into location-based recommendations from people you actually know. THEN… they get sold. Buyers (in order of likihood) are:

  1. Facebook
  2. Apple
  3. Microsoft
  4. Yahoo

3) Entrepreneurship Boom 2013 prediction

I’m predicting the OPPOSITE of what most analysis are predicting for entrepreneurship in 2013 – who are saying entrepreneurial start-ups dive off as economic conditions continue to decline.

Sorry… entrepreneurs don’t get their authority to do what they love from economic-cues, monetary policy, tax code or the government. And while it’s true those things may be decidedly stacked against them, the next upcoming generation will be more highly entrepreneurial minded than any generation we’ve ever seen.

Remember what I’ve said before… be VERY CAREFUL about taking advice or recommendations on starting businesses or generating income from someone who relies on someone for a paycheck. (Sorry business analyst “news” reporters… I couldn’t resist.)

Conrad Flynn QR code 4) QR Codes Finally Happen (but maybe not how you think)

Yes, 2013 will be the year that QR codes finally take off and become mainstream. BUT… it probably won’t be how you think.

In an effort to control and re-direct “in store search” – retailers will begin plastering QR codes on store shelves everywhere. This is going to be big… really big.

5) Facebook DOES NOT Launch a Phone

Despite what many have speculated, I say Facebook STILL DOES NOT launch a phone – nor will they ever.  When Zuck’ tells me they have no intention on launching a phone – I believe him. Unlike Steve Jobs – when that man would say ‘We’re not going to do it.’, I would guarantee you’d see that device at their next press conference.

6) Facebook (Finally) Launches Mobile Ads Platform; Stock Rebounds

Monetizing the mobile platforms – accounting for more than HALF of all Facebook usage – has been a major thorn in Zuck’s side for years now.

2013 is the year they get it right, so look for major updates to the Facebook app on your smartphone and tablet.

WHEN THEY DO shareholders will rejoice and stock will rebound… within 50% of their opening day valuation.

7) Google+ Settles into a Comfortable B2B Niche

Google+ becomes known as “the Facebook for my professional network”. It will become thought of as the network where people connect with professional friends and industry acquaintances – but it’ll be decidedly more casual than LinkedIn.

8) Chrome takes over as the #1 browser in the world; Firefox marketshare shrinks; IE drops from mainstream

chrome logo


Firefox will shrink to 15 – 20% – or less. Chrome takes over the market share lost by Firefox.

9) New iPhone (NOT “iPhone 6″)


  • simply called “iPhone” – there will be no “iPhone 6″
  • screen gets bigger (I’ve made this prediction for every iPhone so far – why stop now)
  • OS-level integration with Apple’s ad platform, iAds
    • OS-level data like your info in iCloud, emails, calendar, tasks, address book… this data will be used to display targeted ads to you
    • your new iPhone will geo-target you as well using your actual location to display targeted ads

10) BlackBerry Renaissance as the “Professional Smartphone” BlackBerry 10 flow

Most measurements pin BlackBerry as the #3 smartphone globally. I’m not predicting that position will change – it won’t. But the margins will shrink. During the BlackBerry heyday  the average smartphone consumer was very different than it is right now. Today “Joe Consumer” is the average smartphone buyer. BlackBerry’s strengths may not necessarily appeal to the average consumer the way they appeal to the professional user.

After the launch of BlackBerry 10, disillusioned professional users who left in favor of the sexier iOS or Android platforms, return to BlackBerry.

BlackBerry returns to it’s rank as #1 smartphone in corporate deployment.

11) Clear Channel Layoffs

In 2013, Clear Channel, the largest broadcast company in the US will have a 20 – 30% reduction in force. It’s going to be MAJOR. Radio professionals… have your resume updated!


What do you think will happen this year?



About the Author: Conrad Flynn

Hi, I'm Conrad Flynn, a direct response specialist and all around marketing geek! I'm the founder and chief strategist at Concur New Media, a boutique direct response online marketing agency. I'm also a coach, trainer and speaker on new media and marketing topics.

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