“… hard work.” is a lie!

by Conrad Flynn on September 9, 2014

When my closest friend was invited to speak at career day at his high school alma mater, he asked me for my input… specifically, he wanted to collect other people’s beliefs and insights he could share with these young students.

This is what I sent him…


I’ve always said that “all it takes is hard work” is the biggest lie people have ever been told.   If all it took was “hard work” – ALMOST EVERYONE WOULD DO IT.

The truth is you DO need to work your ass off… but it takes something a little more than that. At the end of the day you really have to HAVE SOMETHING.

Sounds scary.

But it’s not.

Because if you focus the majority of your time and energy doing things that YOU REALLY CARE ABOUT… things that you REALLY LOVE… you always will HAVE SOMETHING.

You’ll always be willing to learn.

You’ll always be willing to grow.

You’ll always be willing to work harder than the dude next to you.

You’ll always get up early when you have to.

You’ll always stay up late when you have to.

You’ll always show up.

And you’ll never regret, begrudge it, dread it or hate it.

When you make it your responsibility to spend the majority of your time doing stuff you love – the fulfillment that brings you enables you to be the best person you can be every single day.

Don’t settle. Don’t grow complacent.

Make it your #1 mission to figure out what you truly love – what truly DRIVES you – what truly makes you tick – then BUILD A LIFE where you get to spend the majority of time doing that thing.

Make that promise to yourself now and it’ll be really, really hard to fuck up.


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