Jack Ma: “If You’re Poor At 35, You Deserve It”

by Conrad Flynn on October 9, 2014

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Jack Ma - Alibaba IPO

Jack Ma

Have you seen this?  Everyone is talking about it right now.

No – I’m not talking about the iPhone 6 (snore) – sure that’s what all the “common” people are talking about in the few weeks.

“Rich people” are talking about Alibaba (think: Chinese Amazon.com).  People are LINING UP to buy stock and every investor is talking about it (it’s by far BIGGEST IPO in history).

The founder, Jack Ma did an interview recently… here’s the moral of the story:  Jack Ma: If You’re Poor at 35, You Deserve It

It’s an amazing interview and also showcases what all of the most incredible entrepreneurs have in common… they all started from basically nothing and were somewhat alone in their pursuits… but that did have passion and belief…

When I first started Alibaba, I was immediately met with strong opposition from family and friends. […] No matter what one does, regardless of failure or success, the experience is a form of success in itself.”  - Jack Ma

(We’ve all been there before!!! Basically all my friends and family HATED me when I left my job to start my own company… hell, some of them STILL HATE ME for it — and that was more than 5 years ago.)

Anyway… I was just talking about Alibaba with one of my business partners (who is from Taiwan), turns out he personally knows someone who was invited to invest early on.  Long story short… he thought it was a great idea but thought the Chinese government would get in the way – blah, blah, blah – and because of that he let the BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY in his life slip by.  Yepp, he walked out on the deal.

Instead of being a multi-millionaire right now – he still has to get up each morning and go to a J.O.B. that he hates.  To add insult to injury, this guy is a market analyst, so every single day he gets to check the stock prices and watch his ship sail further and further away from shore.

Wow, I bet that guy feels like a real asshole.

Did you catch the lessons in the Jack Ma / Alibaba story?

There are really 3 keys to entrepreneurial success that Jack Ma and most other seriously successful entrepreneurs share…

1) Really Have Something

You really have to have something special.  You have to deliver an amazing, valuable outcome that your buyer wants, needs, values.

It’s your #1 most important job as an entrepreneur to figure out the most valuable thing you can deliver to someone else THEN systematically deliver that over and over again.  (And you’ll get really damn good at it.)

There is NO SHORTCUT to having something special.

Want to hear the good news?  If you keep the majority of your time focused on doing stuff you truly care about - I mean are REALLY passionate about – you’ll always have something.

You’ll always be willing to put in that extra time.  You’ll always be willing to go the extra mile.

And you’ll have to.  Because that’s what it takes to be truly great. 

None of this “find a gap in the market” or “if only I can get 1% of ___” type of bullshit.  (Honestly, how many times do you have to see this type of talk get shot down on Shark Tank before you get the hint… the world doesn’t care.)

The most successful entrepreneurs… DON’T THINK THAT WAY.  They simply seek to be the ABSOLUTE #1 BEST at something they TRULY CARE ABOUT, period.


There are gonna be haters.  And you know what they say about haters… ‘haters gonna hate’.

Listen, I probably don’t have to tell you this, but… chances are if you’re reading this blog you’re considered a bit of an “outcast” by most people you know.

Bottom line… the only way you’re going to have the strength and endurance to swim across the sea of haterade is a damn thick skin and a strong sense of conviction.

You’ve got to be so BOUGHT IN and so PERSONALLY INVESTED in your own venture that all the negativity simply bounces off.

If not… you’re gonna get knocked down by haters.

Best defense… a strong support system.  People who believe in your pursuits and your big reasons why.

Sadly, as I’ve learned from working with so many entrepreneurs this support typically WON’T BE FOUND in your family or significant other. (Actually, they very well could be haters themselves.)

Yes, while these are the people who are supposed to love and care for you the most, truthfully – they all DEEPLY VALUE your predictability and security.  

Same goes for most of your friends.

Sorry… but most of the people in your life HOLD YOU BACK (without knowing they’re doing it) because deep down inside… THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO CHANGE.  Nope, they like you just where you’re at.  Because they understand how they relate to you and how you fit into their life — changing that would be inconvenient. 

These amazing supportive people do exist in your life, and you should find them.

For me, I found mine in my grandfather and my best friend David – truly the only two people who supported me or encouraged me at all when I struck it out on my own. They are truly unique because they never, ever stopped caring, pushing or aiding in my pursuits no matter what the cost, discomfort or inconvenience was to them.

My best advice… stop trying to convince your friends, family or spouse.  If they’re not ALL-IN right now… chances are they never will be.  (Although as a side-note… they will expect to share in the glory and money later, still.  But I didn’t need to tell you that – did I?)

3) Get off your ass!

We all know one: that super-smart guy, who is always having the “greatest idea ever”.

That guy… full of talk.  Will probably never do shit.

For some, this is a tough pill to swallow, but here it is anyway…

In the REAL WORLD, it doesn’t matter how amazing or original your ideas are and it certainly doesn’t matter how smart you are.

IDEAS are simply not novel.  You’ve got to be consistently delivering.

So… GET OFF YOUR ASS and implement.

Yes, I’m talking to you…

1) dude with a notebook FILLED with amazing headlines and buzz words for your company’s website (that doesn’t even exist)

2) chick who has purchased every course possible on how to buy Facebook Ads or AdWords

3) that guy you know who reads EVERY blog about online marketing

4) other guy who subscribe to EVERY “build your business” email list

There’s a big problem with consuming all this information that makes you a great conversationalist and makes you sound super-smart…

Information without implementation just leads to frustration.

It’s the execution and implementation that really mean something.  But the more and more STUFF you fill your life and brain with the harder and harder it becomes to actually START DOING.

Remember… DELIVERING is the only way you have something ‘real life’ to show for all those brains or great ideas.


My challenge to you…

Take a 1 MASSIVE ACTION today.  (not tomorrow,  not next week… today)

Just toss all the B.S. aside and get going.

This new, webinar training will show you how.

Seriously, join my webinar: “3 Massive Actions to getting 3 New Clients in 3 Weeks or Less”

Take this MASSIVE ACTION NOW… click here.

Do it now before it gets lots in the shuffle of life.  (You’ll regret it forever.)


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